Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ivan Karp, Pop Art Dealer, Dies at 86

Kuk Harrell Frank Ocean

Friday, June 29, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter


Winner of The Miss Student Loan Forgiveness Centerfold Contest!

Gallery Girls

The show follows the lives of seven dynamic and ambitious young women in New York City who tackle the cutthroat environment of the art world while vying for their dream jobs. - Bravo,0,7298594.story

Don't Let Them Call YOU Skinny

MOCA fired Paul Schimmel

We Love Obamacare

Naglaa Ali

The Nuns on the Bus tour promotes social justice — and turns a deaf ear to the Vatican

$4,908.17 a month

Eugène Leroy: the Drawings

Leroy Neiman

James Brown

Thursday, June 28, 2012

5,193,250 GBP

Glenn Brown The Tragic Conversion of Salvador Dalí (After John Martin) 1998, oil on canvas
A lot of people want to lick or even eat Glenn Brown's paintings. - JONATHAN BROWN

Saint Dymphna, the patron saint of mental illness.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Linda Thompson

if you must cling to someone

Queen shakes hands (in private and public) with McGuinness

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Stanley Spencer St. Francis and the Birds
(SS346502) Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Movie Photo
Madame and Monsieur Monet
Monet Turkeys

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spice Girls, The Musical: Viva Forever!


You in mid-air

Sweeter than Honey


On an Iowa radio show this weekend, Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA) laughed along as the host suggested he “pistol whip” nuns who are objecting to the Republicans’ draconian budget cuts. A group of Catholic nuns are traveling around the country to protest the cuts, which they say go against the Christian belief of helping the poor and infirm. But last week, the host seemed resistant to the nuns’ message, saying someone should “pull the Nuns on the Bus over and pistol whip them.” Rep. Latham responded to the suggestion by saying, “It’s always fun to be on your show.” - Think Progress

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dali Hypercube Earrings

$19.00This unusual cubic cross is known as a "hypercube." Mathematicians theorize that the hypercube is a geometric form which is a reflection of the forth dimension. Dali's transformation of this mathematical concept into a religious symbol indicates his attempt to synthesize the two seemingly contradictory worlds of faith and science. The most notable use of the hypercube in Dali's work is the "Crucifixion" (Corpus Hypercubus), 1954 (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

Fox News Reporter Hired as Vatican Media Adviser

ROME — In an effort to shore up its communications strategy amid a widening leaks scandal in a troubled papacy, the Vatican has hired the Fox News correspondent in Rome as a senior communications adviser. The correspondent, Greg Burke, 52, who has covered the Vatican for Fox since 2001, will leave the network to help improve and coordinate the Vatican’s various communications operations, Mr. Burke and the Vatican spokesman said. - RACHEL DONADIO

Mohamed Morsi

LGBT for Obama