Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Burger King

New Zealand - Just before the opening of Aucklandâs brand new toll road, the Northern Gateway, Burger King jumped in with a full page ad from Y&R Aucland that offered to pay the toll for their customers, through a $2 discount at the restaurant nearest to the start of the road. Though the road will wipe 25 minutes off the journey North, no one was too thrilled at the thought of having to pay for the privilege. - Best Ads on
'Beautiful Psychedelic Gherkin Exploding Tomato Sauce All Over Your Face, Flame Grilled Painting 2003'
Burger King borrows Damien Hirst artwork to lure Olympic visitors. Burger King will display Damien Hirst's 'Flame Grilled' work of art in its Leicester Square restaurant as it seeks to target tourists visiting London for the Olympics. The Whopper-maker expects thousands of visitors to view the artwork for free, during what Burger King is labelling "Britain's biggest summer of sport". The work has been installed and will be on display until at least the end of the year. Hirst's loan of the artwork to Burger King is a big coup for the brand, as it attempts to achieve cut-through as rival McDonalds blitzes the public with marketing messages as part of its sponsorship of the London 2012 Games. - Brand Republic
Piers Morgan attends a photocall for the new Burger King fragrance 'Flame' at Selfridges on June 15, 2009 in London, England. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images) - ZIMBO

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