Monday, June 18, 2012

Tony Shafrazi

One artist who certainly got a reaction at Art Basel last week was Tony Shafrazi, the veteran, high-end New York art dealer who dedicated his booth at the Swiss art fair to . . . his own artwork. Shafrazi — who gained notoriety in the ’70s for spray-painting on Picasso’s “Guernica” at MoMA, and currently reps artists including David LaChapelle and Anh Duong — showed off nine colored “tablets,” with titles like “Egyptian Light” that were being sold for up to $150,000. Seen scanning the works were gallerists Larry Gagosian and William Acquavella. And Simon de Pury told one art Web site that Shafrazi was, “a work of art himself.” But behind the scenes at the competitive fair, the knives were out. “Anyone who defaces Picasso as a ‘statement’ has no right participating in any art fair,” sniffed one art insider. “And then showing his own paintings at Basel? So vulgar.” Another added: It’s a little like [oil tycoon] Sid Bass becoming an artist at the ripe old age of 70. I saw Sid’s Andy Warhol rip-off of Campbell’s Soup cans. It’s no Warhol, let me tell you.” - NY Post "Egyptian Light," a 2011-2012 "tablet" by the New York-based dealer Tony Shafrazi. It is among 9 such works being shown by the gallerist at the Art Basel fair in Switzerland, which runs through June 17. Source: Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, via Bloomberg. Erebus HOUSTON -- A vandal added his own touch to a Picasso painting housed in a Houston museum, KRIV-TV reported Monday. The suspect allegedly used spray paint to stencil the word "conquista" on an original Picasso at the Menil Collection, a YouTube video uploaded June 13 shows. The video of the alleged crime is titled "Conquista la Bestia." The piece, which was painted by Picasso in 1929, was rushed to restoration conservation, and the vandal's paint was successfully removed. The Menil is working with police on the investigation. - You Tube

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