Thursday, June 07, 2012

horribly twee.

Social anthropologist: Grayson Perry in his Channel 4 series In the Best Possible Taste. Photo: Channel 4 Grayson Perry’s investigation into the taste of the nation – In the Best Possible Taste (Channel 4) – set alarm bells ringing from the start. The idea of the Turner Prize-winning transvestite potter going into different sections of society to report on what people wear and surround themselves with, and making a series of tapestries about the results, felt horribly twee. The first programme’s opening with its portentous voice-over and groovy soundtrack, suggested we were in for yet another fall from grace via reality TV. But once Perry cut loose on his own things dramatically improved. Rather than a predictable sneerathon, he offered social anthropology with a personal twist as he headed to Sunderland. From a proletarian background himself, he appeared an explorer among primitives in this land of shaven-headed aspiring cage-wrestlers and bottle-tanned women. How could the concept of taste be said to exist when everyone looked the same? - Mark HudsonJonathan Adler Love Hand $225.00

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