Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Charles McGill’s “RAMWAR.”

This 4-by-4-foot sculptural assemblage of fragments of golf bags greets visitors of the Westchester Biennial head on: assorted straps, buckles, zippers and tan, brown and red leather are reconstructed to suggest a (somewhat menacing) hooded torso. Mr. McGill, whose alter ego is Art Negro, the fictitious founder of the Former Black Militant Golf and Country Club, took up golfing in the 1990s and began making related artwork soon after. “RAMWAR” and a second piece in the biennial, “The Scream,” are from his latest series, “Skinned.” “Golf bags are not meant to come apart,” said Mr. McGill, whose work has been exhibited nationally and appeared in the 2008 “Westchester Biennial,” “so there’s no way to make these pieces without getting really frustrated. I get so angry, and some of that emotion ends up in the work.” “RAMWAR,” he said, embodies aggressiveness. “When I put the zipper on the hood where the mouth might be, the aggression is heightened,” he said. “It’s like gnashing teeth.” - SUSAN HODARA The NY Times

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