Monday, April 02, 2012

Jerry Lee Lewis weds Judith Ann Coghlan Brown

With Kid Rock and here's Cousin JimmyJimmy Swaggart got his first message from God as an 8-year-old standing in line at the movie theater in his one-traffic-light hometown of Ferriday Louisiana. "I gave my heart to the Lord, and I remember the incident vividly," he said of that Saturday afternoon. "The Lord spoke to me. I know that sounds funny. It was not an audible voice or anything of that nature. But I sensed it and felt it in my heart. It was so vivid and so powerful, I will never forget it. The Lord said, 'Don't go in there but give me your heart. I want to save your soul and set you apart as a chosen vessel used in my service.' " Swaggart said that he tried to ignore the inner voice, that he continued to stand in line, that he even went so far as to plunk down a quarter for his movie ticket. "The ticket machine jammed, and the ticket wouldn't come out," Swaggart recalled. "Then I heard the Lord again. I finally got my quarter and left." It would be a decade before Swaggart, having dropped out of high school, would preach his first sermon. Meanwhile, the future pillar of the church played honky-tonk-style piano and got into mischief with his cousins Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis. So deep was the bond between them that after the success of Lewis' Great Balls of Fire, Jerry Lee bought Swaggart a new Oldsmobile to replace the jalopy that was providing him shaky transportation from one revival meeting to the next. Swaggart returned the favor when Lewis was so high on drugs during an Ohio concert that "he couldn't hold a tune," says Swaggart. "I walked onstage and took the microphone away from him and said, 'Jerry Lee is my cousin and I love him. And I think that you know I love him, and I've come to take him home.' " - PEOPLE,,20098413,00.html

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