Thursday, January 19, 2012


Men's Fashion WeekAnimal-inspired looks from the men's fall 2012 collections in Milan include: an image of Cheetah at Andrea Pompilio; an eagle on a white scarf at Etro; and Burberry took a fancy to a fox. - ERIC WILSON
The actor Adrien Brody in Prada men's fall 2012.THERE is a moment in “Sir Vidia’s Shadow,” Paul Theroux’s memoir of a long friendship with the Nobel laureate V. S. Naipaul, when the writer describes the giddy pleasure Naipaul took in contemplating wealth. “Smiling beneath his sunglasses,” Mr. Theroux wrote, “he said he loved the expression ‘lots of money.’ Someone saying ‘I have lots of money’ tickled him. As we drove along he tried out the words, saying them in different ways: ‘Lots of money ... Lots of money.’ ”The passage is strange, and for many reasons, not least that Naipaul as quoted makes his point not in different ways: he repeats the same thing again and again. Naturally enough, Naipaul’s rapture has a resonating quality at a time when jobs are disappearing and cash is scarce. And, not surprisingly, the men’s wear collections just ended here seemed infused with hunger for prosperity. “Everyone is trying to get to the winners,” said Umberto Angeloni, the chief executive of the labels Uman and Caruso and, not coincidentally, the man who as the head of Brioni once completely transformed a faded Italian tailoring house into a hugely profitable global luxury brand. “They’re after the 1 percent.” - Guy Trebay

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