Sunday, January 29, 2012

Al Sharpton Newt Gingrich

Cynthia Gordy: Who do you predict will win the Florida primary?
Al Sharpton: At this point, Mitt Romney would be my guess. And let me say this: Even though Mitt Romney has not said the things that Gingrich has, Romney stood on the stage next to Gingrich and never took issue with it, never said he disagreed with it. And Romney himself has taken positions like, "Let Detroit go bankrupt," and says that poor and working-class people who are talking about economic equality are just envious of him. So he has his own baggage to deal with.
In the past Gingrich has partnered with African-American public figures, including the NAACP's Ben Jealous on criminal justice reform, and Al Sharpton on education. - The RootBen Jealous - KAREN CALDICOTT

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