Friday, September 30, 2011

Meissen gets contemporary

Rita Pokorny - Exhibition aims to revive the spirit of the 1920s and 30s when the company worked with leading artistsK.O. Gotz and Otto Piene working on pieces for the Meissen Art Campus

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stands next to the Iranian-made new-generation long-range cruise missile during the national Defense Industry Day ceremony in Tehran on Aug. 23

Joan Brown

"The Journey #1," 1976


Michelle Obama shopping at Target.Katherine Jackson shopping at Target.

"American Idol" Judges in Pittsburgh

Contestants wait in front of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for the next round in the "American Idol" competition.Who goes to the next round in Hollywood and whose dreams crumble here in Pittsburgh. - Maria Sciullo
"People are people, and sometimes their stories touch you," said Jennifer Lopez, who has been known to cry.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chris Christie

Chris Christie is not likely to run for president because he hasn’t lost the requisite weight needed to mount a campaign. Neither has the New Jersey governor started jogging publicly with his security detail. - Lois Romano

Wolfgang Beltracchi enjoyed fooling the art market.

"Red Picture with Horses," which sold as a Heinrich Campendonk at a Cologne auction for €2.9 million ($3.7 million), was later tested scientifically and determined to be a fake by Beltracci.You have to know how the art market functions and where the greediness is greatest. - Wolfgang Beltracchi
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shocking photo of Michael Jackson's dead body

was shown to the jury this morning during the trial against his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nicki Minaj's Chicken Wing Necklace

Video Promoting Gun Violence

Britney Spears has been asked to apologize for "promoting gun violence" in her new music video.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Neil Bogart, co-founder of Casablanca Records.

Deadline Hollywood EXCLUSIVE: Justin Timberlake has signed on to star in the feature Spinning Gold, a biopic of famous 1970s record producer Neil Bogart, co-founder of Casablanca Records.

Joe Conforte - America's Father of Legalized Prostitution

Sally Conforte & Oscar Bonavena
Mustang Ranch Reno NV

Liz Taylor's Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh's "Vue de l'Asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Remy," 1889The Christie's auction house has added more fuel to the frenzy over the coming Elizabeth Taylor auction by revealing that the mid-December sale will include Vincent van Gogh's lovely "Vue de l'Asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Remy," a 1889 landscape that the actress's art dealer father bought for her in 1963. The painting, which was tangled in a restitution case until a court ruling cleared it in 2007, carries a high estimate just shy of $11 million. - ARTINFO

Mickalene Thomas

"She Ain't a Child No More," 2010, mixed media collage
Artist Mickalene Thomas

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Peter Tunney attracts countless bankers, fashion heads, art collectors and music mavens - NY Post a gallery opening the likes of which New York hasn’t seen for a while, more than 1,000 people flooded Franklin Street for the block-party launch of Peter Tunney’s new space Wednesday night. Tunney, whose fans include Jay-Z, Olivia Wilde and Kid Rock, welcomed a mix including New York “Housewife” Cindy Barshop, producer Charlie Corwin, “Miami Ink” star Ami James and countless bankers, fashion heads, art collectors and music mavens. They shuttled between his two galleries across the street from one another, pausing only to enjoy an al fresco performance by LA band Hot as Sun and New York singer/songwriter Blake Ian. - NY Post

Lily oh Lily

Dina Martina & Friends

from Chip Ducketts facebook 1929

Friday, September 23, 2011

Victoria Gotti’s “blessing”

John Travolta flew from Hollywood to Howard Beach to kiss the ring of John Gotti’s widow. The sit-down was called to get Victoria Gotti’s “blessing” for her son’s planned biopic, which is scheduled to start shooting in January, a production source told The Post. The pilgrimage brought Travolta to the Queens home where the late crime boss he’ll be portraying lived while ruthlessly running the Gambino crime family. - BRUCE GOLDING and KEVIN FASICKJohn Travolta joins “Junior” Gotti (left) and mob lawyer Charles Carnesi yesterday at the Howard Beach, Queens, home of the late don John Gotti.

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Johan Rijpma - Tape Generations

Tape Generations from johan rijpma on Vimeo.

$450,000 for Haiti

Jennifer Aniston dropped $450,000 on a painting by red-hot artist Glenn Ligon Thursday at Ben Stiller and David Zwirner’s Artists for Haiti charity auction at Christie’s. Aniston sat front-row with boyfriend Justin Theroux, who dutifully handled paddle duties during the bidding, which set a record for a Ligon work. Stiller also went to town, picking up works by Nate Lowman, Jeff Koons and Martin Kippenberger, while John McEnroe got into the act by walking away with a drawing of Jay-Z by Elizabeth Peyton. “People were clapping and cheering, which rarely happens at art auctions,” said a spy. “The auctioneer was right out of central casting, and she was joking with Ben in the front row.” The auction brought in $13.7 million. Zwirner’s wife, Monica, designed a tote under the MZ Wallace label to further benefit Haiti. And Bill Clinton was scheduled to join a celebration for the Stiller Foundation last night. Aniston and Theroux celebrated afterward at downtown restaurant Il Cantinori. - NY Post

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John Myatt - Fame In The Frame: Stephen Fry
"The fakes I do today are actually better than the fakes I was doing when I was a crook," says John Myatt, on the phone from his home in Staffordshire. Between 1986 and 1994, in what Scotland Yard called "the biggest art fraud of the 20th century", Myatt forged "new" works by artists including Renoir, Giacometti and Matisse. "I'm a bit like the kid who takes a clock to pieces and tries to put it back again. I just want to know how things work, except in my case it's paint on canvas. It's liberating to cast off your own mannerisms and try on someone else's, particularly if they throw the paint around a bit." The new series of Sky Arts show Fame in the Frame starts next week, in which Myatt paints six celebrity sitters into a famous painting – this time it includes Frank Skinner in Vincent van Gogh's Self Portrait 1888, Catherine Tate in Joshua Reynolds's Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse, Lauren Laverne in Vladimir Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl and Paul O'Grady in Grant Wood's American Gothic. They would pose for around five hours, while Myatt paints and chats to them about their lives. "You get to see a side of your sitter that perhaps doesn't come out very often." Still, it is Myatt's story that is the most interesting of all. He had always drawn and painted as a child. After art college, he worked as a teacher, but having to raise his two young children alone, turned to producing "genuine fakes" that he would advertise in the back of Private Eye. When one of his customers, John Drewe, sold his copy of a work by the cubist artist Albert Gleizes through Christie's for £25,000, giving him half, Myatt was hooked. Over the next few years, the pair produced and sold around 200 works. "The way it turned from being something legitimate into a crime was an easy move," says Myatt. When their scam fell apart in 1995, both men were given prison sentences. "I do wish it hadn't happened, because it's a blot on my life, yet if I hadn't done it, nobody would have asked me to do things like [this show]." On his release from prison, Myatt had decided he would never paint again, but the police officer who arrested him commissioned him to paint a portrait of his family. Within six months, Myatt was making a legitimate living from his art. He is hoping to have an exhibition next year, with original work alongside the fakes, which now sell for thousands of pounds in their own right. "I'm nervous about showing my own work to the public in case they laugh and walk away, but it's about time I did," he says. Does it bother him that people are more interested in his fakes? "No. That's the nature of the beast, and there's no escape. Many fakers have no voice of their own at all. I have paintings I want to paint. I'm not sitting there with painter's block."

Aamu Song - Reddress

Korean artist Aamu Song's Reddress, a garment woven from 550 metres of blood-red wool that can be worn by 238 people at a time, was unveiled 22 September at York Hall, a leisure centre and boxing ring in east London, as part of the London Design Festival (until 25 September). During the festival a performer will climb a concealed staircase to slip into the main body of the dress, while visitors will be invited to climb into the folds of the fabric, created by Danish textiles company Kvadrat. Reddress was initially conceived as the backdrop to a musical performance in collaboration with Kvadrat and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark in 2005. Its unveiling at the London Design Festival marks the first time the work has been displayed in the UK capital. Organised by the Finnish Institute in London, Reddress is due to be accompanied by evening performances by Finnish musicians Emma Salokoski and Jarmo Saari and the string quartet from Britten Sinfonia. - The Art Newspaper

Zeng Fanzhi

"Lucian Freud," 2011, oil on canvas

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Ecosexual!

I was transformed by Sexologist Annie Sprinkle into an Ecosexual and married the Earth on Flagstaff Hill.

Here's my wedding band! I got married to the Earth!
Thanks Sur Rodney Sur for sending me the flier!


Barry Lubin- Grandma the Clown

Troy Davis's Last Words

I am innocent.Troy Anthony Davis entering Chatham County Superior Court in Georgia on Aug. 22, 1991, during his trial in the shooting death of an off-duty police officer, Mark MacPhail. - NY Times

I just signed on to Amnesty International's pledge to oppose the death penalty, below. I urge you to take action to abolish the death penalty, specifically by introducing or co-sponsoring a version of 2009's S.650: Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act of 2009.

Here's Amnesty's pledge:

The state of Georgia shamefully executed Troy Davis on September 21, 2011 despite serious doubts about his guilt.

But Not In My Name.

While a majority of the world – more than 65% of all countries – has abolished the death penalty in law or practice, the United States remains one of the top countries responsible for executing people.

Not In My Name.

Officials continue to allow this deeply-flawed, extremely arbitrary and severely-biased (both economically and racially) system to run rampant without checks, balances or concern for moral decency.

Not In My Name.

Guilty or innocent every person is a human being with human rights. Executions are always wrong.

I won't stand for it.

THE DEATH PENALTY MUST BE ABOLISHED. I take this pledge because human rights and human lives are on the line.

Jillian Tamaki

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

John Stezaker

Rupert Murdoch & Rick Perry

2012 - The phone-hacking scandal hasn’t apparently touched Rupert Murdoch’s status as Republican kingmaker. Rick Perry dined with Murdoch Tuesday at The Post House, a Manhattan steakhouse famous for its $49.50 beef Wellington. The men are less close than Murdoch is with some of the other Republican candidates, many of whom have been paid by his Fox News channel. It was just their second meal together, although News Corporation also donated $1 million last year to the Republican Governors Association while Perry was its chair. - The Daily Beast

Katia Marie Davis

A California mother is facing several charges after allegedly sleeping with at least three members of her son's hockey team. Katia Marie Davis, 44, has been arrested with unlawful sex with a minor. (ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF/HANDOUT/QMI AGENCY)