Thursday, December 08, 2011

Mac Miller: Red Kool-Aid and Trader Joe's pizza

Mac Miller hasn't played a big gig in Pittsburgh since, well, he got real famous.
He opened for Wiz Khalifa last December at Stage AE. On Friday and Saturday he returns from his globe-trotting Incredibly Dope Tour to headline two sold-out nights at the venue:
Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Hi Mac. You've been all over the country and in Europe the past year. What cities have you been most impressed with or had the most fun in?
Mac Miller - London was crazy. The energy was amazing. Amsterdam Paris was a beautiful interesting place, and the shows there were incredible. It was dope to see people from different countries singing my lyrics. I can't wait to go back.
What do you miss about Pittsburgh when you're gone?
The studio, the chill vibe, my family, and the yinzer.
You've also made a little money recently. What are some of the fun things you've spent it on?
I actually haven't spent crazy money on anything in particular. I just been buying a lot of clothes, and saving my money trying to build a fortune.
What are the best things given to you by fans?
Their love. I have fans who really have a lot invested in my music. It's great to create art, something that is meaningful to you, then travel around the world and see how what you do and say impacts the lives of others. When fans tell me that my music has gotten them through rough times in their lives it reminds me why I do what I do.
One of your most popular videos is 'Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza.' What is your favorite Kool-Aid flavor and brand of frozen pizza?
Red Kool-Aid is my favorite, and my mom always used to get this incredible barbecue chicken pizza from Trader Joe's.
What local places will you hit for food while you're in town?
Uncle Sam's, Plum, Pusadee's Garden, Sushi Too, Soba, and all of our incredible pizza places.
Wiz Khalifa quickly set up in LA after hitting it big. Are you tempted by the West Coast as well?
No, to be honest I love Pittsburgh with all my heart and want to stay as long as I can. Cali is cool as a spot to go and work for a little, but I can't see myself living there. If anything, I might get a spot in NYC for a little bit. I want to get myself a castle in the 'Burgh first and foremost though.How many copies did you get of that Billboard magazine with your picture on the cover?
Only one, I'm sure my mom, dad, and grandma have collected all of the copies available in Pittsburgh.
Mac Miller
Where: Stage AE, North Shore.
When: Doors at 7 p.m. Dec 9&10 2011
Tickets: Sold out.

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