Thursday, December 08, 2011


Reverend Fred Phelps
One of the true crazies of the religious Right in this country is the Reverend Fred Phelps, bona fide hatemonger and pastor of the Westboro (Kansas) Baptist Church. He's the man who claimed that 9/11 was God's payback to America for its tolerance of feminists and homosexuals, as was Hurricane Katrina, and he regularly drags his congregants all over the United States to let people know just how much "God hates fags." (His words, not mine.) His group also protests funerals of soldiers and hate-crime victims (like Matthew Shepherd) for the same reasons. I can only imagine the good Reverend's surprise when his flock was met by a hoarde of counter-protestors from the University of Chicago bearing their own signs, with messages like: "God Hearts Netflix" and "God Hates Gen Chem" and "God Loves Red Lobster" and -- admittedly, my favorite-- "God Hates the New Facebook." - Doctor J Memphis

God Loves Red Lobster

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