Friday, November 18, 2011

Lynn Tilton Founder & CEO, Patriarch Partners

"The Turnaround Queen"

Lynn Tilton’s life journey has evolved from her birthplace - Bronx, NY- through the ivory towers of Yale and Columbia Universities to the male-dominated world of Wall Street. Today, as the founder and CEO of Patriarch Partners, she focuses not only on her more than 70 portfolio companies, but also on ”the Main Streets” of once thriving towns across America, that struggle for survival in the new economy that has turned its back on the American worker. Under Ms. Tilton’s leadership, Patriarch’s mission to rebuild America one company at a time and one job at a time has been made possible through tireless work ethic, innovative spirit and an unwavering quest for truth and light where others see hopelessness. Using her own funds, Ms. Tilton founded Patriarch Partners in 2000 on the investment principle that making money and making the world a better place are not mutually exclusive concepts. Led by Ms. Tilton’s strength and innovative vision, Patriarch Partners rescues, restructures and breathes new life into companies left for dead and piled upon the heap of creative destruction – a business practice for which few others possess the courage and dedication required to succeed. Over the last 10 years, Ms. Tilton and Patriarch Partners have committed to debt and equity investments and provided operational and strategic expertise to more than 150 companies, and have saved 250,000 American jobs that would have otherwise been lost through liquidations. It is Ms. Tilton’s belief that our country’s most valuable asset is human capital – and that job creation is the essential element to a true and sustainable economic recovery and prosperity. Her commitment to saving and creating jobs motivates her tireless daily leadership of the more than 70 companies that currently comprise the Patriarch portfolio.

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