Monday, August 01, 2011

The GOP Gets Its Way

President Obama appears to have cut a deal with the Republicans, on their terms, or about 98 percent of them. Jonathan Karl of ABC News was the first to report the Obama-GOP deal as fact in this short piece that was posted at 10:39 p.m. Saturday night. If he’s right—and it smells like he is—it’s a bleak day for this presidency, and really in American history, as we’ve now embarked on a path that’s very likely to lead to huge cuts in entitlement programs, the domestic budget, and more or less everything every Democrat in Washington (except, apparently, one) wakes up to fight for every day. When Mitch McConnell said—around 4 Saturday afternoon—that he had been talking with Obama and Joe Biden and the country will not default, he was really saying: We’ve cut the deal. It appears that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were getting their marching orders and being read the terms of surrender.Mitch McConnell predicted, apparently accurately, that President Obama would roll over. And so the GOP will have won, and won big. Obama can call this victory if he likes, and insofar as default will be avoided, sure. But if he thinks this is what his voters sent him to the White House to do, he needs a serious reality check. - Michael Tomasky

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