Friday, July 15, 2011

Bob Haas Aron Levi's

Dominate the market with your brand.

A man climbs a denim wall in a 2006 Levi's promotion in Zhengzhou, China.

Levi’s, China Kiss & Make-Up - It’s been 17 years since Levis, in 1993, ‘declared it would end relationships with contractors in China’ over a human rights issues. Back then, Levi's chairman and CEO Robert Haas reportedly decided to withdraw its operations from the country after a report on 40 countries determined that China and Burma were the only two engaging in major human rights violations. But despite this past falling out, according to the Associated Press, Levi's already has an ‘avid following in China,’ and in fact also has clothing and shoes sales that ‘have outpaced pricey Japan, accounting for more than a third for all of Asia.’ - Ulara Nakagawa, The Diplomat

Please Try to Forgive Sexy Bobby Bob

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