Thursday, June 02, 2011

Rachel Roy

Jesus for President!

If Jesus ran for President, how many would vote Him in? His only campaign promise, is to deliver us from sin.
He's neither Democrat nor Republican! He won't spend a dime for you to cast a vote His way!
He only asks for us to love one another, and in His name to the Father pray!
His book of laws will not be changed, or His Father will hold us liable! The only book that holds the truth, it's called The Holy Bible!
He won't run negative adds, to belittle other opponents in the Presidential Race! Through their own eye's you will see their lies, Just take a good look at their face!
For those who don't know He's already running! Some just can't see the signs! Just watch the news, it's not very hard! No they're not posted on sticks in your neighbors front yard!
They are signs of the times, earthquakes, famine, droughts and a slew of new diseases! Man has a very short time to vote, he can no longer do as he pleases!
The polls are open, God gave you a choice! So cast your ballet, let's hear your voice!
My vote is in, Jesus is King! I hope that's what you decide too! For Jesus loves each and every one of us and He already cast His vote for you!

God Bless! Jesus is King!

Written By:
Roy A.McGill
© all rights reserved 1/21/08

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