Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Please Try to Forgive Richard Poplawski

When the arrest team finally moved in, Richard Poplawski continued to resist, stiffening his arms and trying to pull away. The officers forced his arms behind his back, delivered several knee strikes and finally subdued him after about 30 seconds. It was 10:44 a.m. Just minutes before, other SWAT officers had removed the suspect's mother, Margaret Poplawski, from the house. Detective Joseph Novakowski was one of those officers and was called to testify Tuesday about comments he heard her make as she was being taken away. Judge Manning, however, would not allow the jury to hear that testimony, ruling that it was hearsay. "She was yelling we should have killed him, we should have shot him," Detective Novakowski told the judge after the jury had been escorted from the courtroom. "He's a cop-killer."

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