Thursday, June 09, 2011

Greg Klein

Greg Klein, the creative producer of "America's Most Wanted," has produced roughly 500 true-crime re-enactments for the trailblazing Fox series. The genre has evolved over the past 19 years, Klein says. "When I came here in the beginning, we shot a lot of our stuff on video, which gave it that tabloidy look that a lot of other shows started duplicating," he says. "Video tends to make everything more melodramatic. "But we now do the majority of our pieces on film, which makes people feel like they're watching a movie. About five years ago, we began using a process . . . where we shoot on tape or a disc but it looks like film . . . which saves a little bit of money and time." While a high-end re-enactment can cost "AMW" upwards of $100,000, Klein says re-enactments are handled case by case. "It depends on the elements we have at our disposal," he says. "We may have nothing, not even video surveillance, and no news footage . . . and, in a case like that, it really lends itself to a re-enactment." Klein says the show does have some rules it follows. "We tend to show dead people not having their eyes open, and no blood pouring out of them or coming out of a gaping hole in the their head," he says. "We paint with the blood of the victims, so we don't want to sensationalize any more than we have to." - MICHAEL STARR

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