Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buster Cleveland Fan Club - LeRoy "The Nelly Necromancer"

Dear Buster Cleveland
I witch this could be a happier fickle fay mouse posty post but today was'nt much fun and I'm trying to make the best of it by creating art. I love these collage materials so I took them to a place I love but people from British TV were really yucky people. and I shouldn't be saying this. I blocked my Nelly Necomancer Blog a long time ago because she (Lady LeRoy) was tending to post my righteous indignation and that part of my Jackson Pollock alcoholism is pretty ugly and only my thera pissed should really see it but now she (Lady LeRoy "The Dowager King") was call to post my inner voice as part of my Pittsburgh Biennial "I'm a Lover not a Fighter" so I'm gonna risk posting my inner voice on The Buster Cleveland Fan Club because I feel like taking a risk today, i guess. You gotta be careful what you twitter right. President Obama is ashamed of Anthony Weiner's weiner and Rasheed Mendenthal got fired by Champion for tweeting what he thought about Osama bin Laden. but I'm gonna risk telling you what happened . I went out to Andy Warhol's tombstone today because Madelyn from Conversations with Andy in The Pittsburgh Biennial at The Andy Warhol Museum said British TV was coming. I've been working on an autograph book for The Pittsburgh Biennial and wanted to get Madelyn's autograph and also last time I went to Andy Warhol's Grave I forgot to bring my Little LeRoy Madoff PONZI SCHEME POSTER that's 'Street Art' for Jeffery Deitch Spray Can in Los Angeles. so i drive up to the grave yard and this putrid spice girl from British TV says she only wants Madelyn to talk to Brian (whoever that is) so I should have just left I guess. but then i thought I still wanna photograph the Buster Cleveland stuff Sur Rodney Sur sent me so I was doing that. and Madelyn was filming and the British Film people called Madelyn and she said just keep talking so I finished telling Andy Warhol about the Buster Cleveland stuff and then the British film people were like can you move your truck. will you please get out of OUR SHOT. it was really a horribe experience. I feel like commiting suicide like Ray Johnson did. yuck. I wish I woulda just left when the spice girl made it clear they only wanted to film Madelyn because it's her project. it was like when the Post Gazette came. They only want Madelyn and Andy Warhol. then I'm there as an Andy Warhol Impersonator and maybe Andy Warhol from the grave wants me to get away? Madelyn said the psychic she got a reading from said Andy said he really liked me. should eye believe the psychic. olde Ram Dass? I dunno. it was a beautiful sunny day for once in Pittsburgh and I got 76 cents from Andy Warhol's Grave. now I have to go serve The Sisters of St Francis and maybe the Pittsburgh Biennial opening on Thurs will be fun. at least I got a good bargin on TIES for my Terrible Ties. the Goodwill Store on Route Nineteen marked down the Ties from 2 dollars to one dollar so I got more than I planned. I saw Dave Olson at Andy Warhol's Grave and he said he didnt have time to talk more at my opening because he went off with the belly dancer. I wish I could have been on British TV but they didnt want me. BOO HOO. so BUSTER CLEVELAND that's what happened when I took your collage materials to Andy Warhol's Grave in Bethel Park Pennsylvania. Dear God please help me forgive the horribe British TV people for excluding me from Madelyn Roehrigs Big project in The Pittsburgh Biennial. I wish I had some money to buy something from The Debbie Reynolds Auction Tommmorrow but only people like Richard Prince and Alice B Walton get to do that. whatever. maybe some day. Thanks again to Sur Rodney Sur for sending this stuff. I'm gonna do more with it and I'll keep you posted...
VIP Paul LeRoy Gehres
AKA LeRoy "King of Art" MFA

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