Monday, March 28, 2011

Rebel forces

BIN JAWWAD, Libya - Rebel forces on Monday fought their way to the doorstep of Moammar Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte, a key government stronghold guarding the road to the capital Tripoli. The lightning rebel advance of the past few days, backed by powerful international airstrikes, has restored to the opposition all the territory they lost over the past week and brought them to within 60 miles (100 miles) of this bastion of Gadhafi's power in the center of the country. "Sirte will not be easy to take," said Gen. Hamdi Hassi, a rebel commander at the small town of Bin Jawwad, just 18 miles (30 kilometers) from the front. "Now because of NATO strikes on (the government's) heavy weapons, we're almost fighting with the same weapons, only we have Grad rockets now and they don't." Russia, however, has criticized the international strikes against government forces that made the rebel advance possible, saying they have overstepped their U.N. mandate to protect civilians by taking sides in a civil war. The U.S. launched six Tomahawk missiles Sunday and early Monday from navy positions in the Mediterranean Sea. - RYAN LUCAS

U.S. fires 110 tomahawk missiles, each costs $569,000.
That’s more than 5 years of NPR federal funding in less than an hour. - Cowboy Dre

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