Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erin Ravenstahl files for divorce

Erin Ravenstahl with Cooper
Richard Sprague
Mayor Luke & Snoop DoggErin Ravenstahl on Friday filed for divorce from her husband, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, on the standard grounds of "irreconcilable differences." The couple married in August 2004 and separated in November 2009. Erin Ravenstahl said in the divorce filing that she doesn't make enough money at the North Hills hair salon where she works to support their 2-year-old child, Cooper, and asked a judge to order Luke Ravenstahl to make support payments. The mayor's office issued this statement: "After careful consideration, Erin and I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. We will remain close friends and continue to share our love for our son, Cooper. We are thankful for the privacy we have been afforded in dealing with this very personal matter and we are hopeful that the respect for our personal privacy continues." In November 2009, three weeks after winning re-election, the mayor announced that he and Erin were separating, saying they tried to build a good marriage but couldn't. He told KDKA at the time that Erin doesn't like the fact that he was mayor and didn't like the limelight of being the mayor's wife. Erin Ravenstahl said in a separate statement then that she would continue to be Luke's friend and make sure their son is raised in a loving, supportive family. The couple asked for privacy and hired a Philadelphia lawyer, Richard Sprague, to guard it. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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