Wednesday, January 12, 2011

his parroting of paranoid extremist ideologies

With a throng of reporters gathered outside the Loughner home, tension has flared. On Monday morning, after reports circulated that the family had an occult shrine in their backyard, a photographer wielding a long-lensed camera jumped the back fence to snap pictures of what appeared to be a faux skull and some candles. Randy Loughner responded with a call to authorities, who dispatched a few squad cars to look into the incident. "[Mr. Loughner] told that person to leave, and we're investigating the trespassing," said David Theel of the Pima County Sheriff's Department. Some neighbors described hostile exchanges with Randy. "He's an angry man," Stephen Woods, another next-door neighbor, said. Loughner repeatedly pestered Woods and his son, Anthony, about their trash cans. The public may soon hear from the family. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Randy told a neighbor that he has prepared a statement for possible release. Until that happens, though, the home life that helped shape Jared remains shrouded in mystery. - Claire Martin

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