Monday, January 03, 2011

The biggest story of the year is how much Obama was able to accomplish

It would be wrong to say that 2010 was a resounding success for Barack Obama. After all, the second year of his presidency ended with Guantanamo Bay still open, the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy still in place, a record number of judicial nominations still stuck in the Senate and the war in Afghanistan still dragging on -- with signs pointing to an even longer stay for U.S. forces than Obama had been promising. Oh, and did I mention that private health insurance companies are now stronger than ever? These are the realities that the president's critics on the left have in mind when they use terms like "sell-out" to describe him. But while 2010 provided plenty of reasons for Obama's allies to doubt him, the bigger story of the year was how much Obama was able to accomplish -- and how successful he was at keeping his core supporters on board. The key to this productivity was compromise. - STEVE KORNACKI

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