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Stephenie Meyer

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

Pittsburgh 'Abduction' Casting call draws 2,000 wannabes

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Grand Isle, LA

Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock

Judith Braun McChrystal

Tell me about how you feel now about the piece that got you eliminated from Bravo's "Work of Art". You spelled Pride and Prejudice backwards for a book cover?

When I got home from being on the show there was an exhibition at the Morgan Library here in New York City that had Jane Austen’s manuscripts exhibited. And the review in the New York Times from November 7, 2009 said that Jane Austen used to write letters to her 8-year-old niece, Cassandra, and every word in the letters was spelled backwards.

That’s amazing!

Isn’t it amazing? I could not believe it when I read that. Because that’s just what she did and it says she did it because she “knew it would give her pleasure.” I didn’t know that when I did the piece, but I just found it so interesting that if you dig just a little deeper beyond whether it’s a perfectly logical book cover or not, there are other things going on. I thought it was just great so I made t-shirts that say “Edirp and Ecidujerp” and last night after the viewing party that I had at my house I opened the box and threw them around and everybody was grabbing them up. -ARTINFO
Lil' LeRoy Austen


Richard Prince's Millionaire Nurse sold for $3,265,980.
Jeff Koons's "Loopy," 1999 is estimated to go for $3.7–5.2 million.

Andy Warhol: Somebody gave me this telephone... I think it was Edie... yeah it was Edie... and she said I could talk to God with it, but uh... I don't have anything to say... so here...
[gives Jim Morrison the telephonephone]
Andy Warhol: this is for you, Jim... now you can talk to God.

Relational Aesthetiques

Philippe Parreno

Born in 1964, Mr. Parreno has since the late 1980s been a mover and shaker in the artistic development known as relational aesthetics. In this realm, artist-orchestrated social exchanges, situations and communal experiences are generally preferred to art objects, which are seen at best as optional — props whose formal qualities are almost beside the point — and at worst terminally corrupt in their role as art-market commodities. -ROBERTA SMITHNEW YORK - Anna Chapman has been called the femme fatale of a spy case with Cold War-style intrigue - a striking redhead and self-styled entrepreneur who dabbled in real estate and mused on her Facebook page, "if you can dream, you can become it." Chapman's American dream, U.S. authorities say, was a ruse. The 28-year-old Chapman, they say, was a savvy Russian secret agent who worked with a network of other operatives before an FBI undercover agent lured her into an elaborate trap at a coffee shop in lower Manhattan. -TOM HAYS and CRISTIAN SALAZAR

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Chris Brown - AOL Fandemonium Award

"I let you all down before, but I won't do it again. I promise you," -- Chris Brown. The 21-year-old returned to the stage later in the show when he won the AOL "fandemonium award."

Sheba Mason

It's been 24 years since Ginger Reiter gave birth to Jackie Mason's love child, Sheba Mason -- but the comic still hasn't warmed up to his daughter. "When he sees me in the street, he actually recognizes me," the petite brunette told Page Six. "I know he recognizes me because he runs in the other direction." Sheba has written a musical comedy, "702Punchlines & Pregnant," about the love affair between Jackie and "my starry-eyed mother." Asked about the three-digit number, Sheba said, "That's about how many times she saw him. According to my mother, they had a passionate affair for 10 years. According to my father, they once played spin the bottle." Sheba also jokes "What do you get when you don't use protection? . . . You get a little comedienne." The show -- with numbers like "I Never Met This Yenta" -- opens July 6 at the Richard Shepard Theater starring Alex Dunbar as Jackie, and Sheba as her own mother. -NY PosyJackie Mason

"Most people don't realize what a pleasure it is to make art," he said. "It's a journey to yourself and a vacation from yourself at the same time." - Jerry Saltz

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Sylvia Ray Rivera

Marsha P Johnson


This poem is a much-needed reminder for mainstream gays who to this day often frown on drag queens even in the gay pride parade. They need to remember who started gay rights for ALL gay people. It wasn't the mainstream gays who could throw on a pink shirt one day a year and then return to their office jobs and butch up their act for the rest of the year. Trannies, drag queens, drag kings, sissies and other freaks on drugs started the movement at the Stonewall Inn, a mafia-run gay dive. So conservative fags, don't you even DREAM of trying to cut us out of the picture now that you've gotten what you wanted and don't consider us to be an accurate representation of the average gay. Maybe we're not. But no average gay gave birth to the gay rights movement.

This is also a fantastic message for young gays who enjoy today's freedoms with no thoughts of where those freedoms came from or who fought for them. - LADY BUNNY

Spare Some Change For A Dying

Can you spare any change for a dying queen dar—ling?I mean I am
dying. I know you don’t believe me. But I know what I’m talking
about. Yes I do. Us queens know what we’re talking about because
we’re for liberation, yes we are.

Look at the Stonewall. When I
first came to New York all pressed and clean in a white shirt
and tie what my mother bought me I heard about the Stonewall so
I thought I’d go over and check it out and LORD! Men are
dancing with men and one more gorgeous than another and way in the
back were my sisters, honey turning it out in gold lame and wigs for

So I was hanging out in the Stonewall one night talking to Miss
June, who was feeling low and nodding out on downs when she
looked up at me and said, “Them pigs come in here tonight they
better stay off my motherfuckin’ case.”

And she was right cause we
wasn’t bothering nobody just hanging out and being ourselves when
don’t you know sure enough the whistle done blew and in they
come pushing and shoving everyone just like a bunch of pigs and
ain’t nobody said nothing cause in them days if you was gay you
didn’t say you was gay

So they’re pushing and shoving and nobody said nothing til them
came to the queens then this pig comes up and gave Miss June one
slap knocked her down ripped her dress and scratched her face.

Darling, anybody will tell you that a queen is sort of soft
hearted, easy going person who you can sort of shove around but
Darling let me tell you this. There are two things you cannot do to a

One. You cannot rip a queen’s dress.

And Two…Don’t you
ever, never touch the face honey…Well Miss June got up screaming
and yelling when this pig goes to hit her again so I said ”Hey,
why don’t you leave her alone she ain’t bothering nobody.” And he
turned to me and said,“Shut up you sick faggot.”

Now Darling, You
can call me a lot of things, you can call me a queer, a
cocksucker, or a crazy fool, but ain’t nobody got no right to call
me a piece of wood. That’s right, a piece of wood. I looked
it up one day and it was right there in the Webster’s a
faggot is a piece of wood. And Darling I ain’t no piece of wood and
I was telling Miss Pig this when he came to knock me, then Miss
June picked up a chair and swung it and everybody started screaming
and fighting and queens was getting their faces scratched honey and
you know what that meant.

And the next thing I know we all wound
up in the Tombs……..again.

Them pigs done busted up our fun, busted our heads and just
plain old busted us. But that was O.K., honey.Yes it was because
that was the beginning of gay liberation in New York and in the
world. Yes it was.

And now everybody done forgot who done what
and why and how and you know, sometimes when I pass one of them
gay bars where I see my brothers or sisters having a good time and
turning it out in all their liberated glory and I see hanging
right over that bar a sign what says “No Drunks, No dogs, No drags.”Can
you imagine comparing me to a dog? Well honey, I just want to break
right down.

But I just pay it no mind, that’s right darling, cause
once you 86 me I tip and once I tip I stay tipped. And they can
86 me out of every gay bar in the village. And they can 86 me out of
every gay bar in New York. And honey, they can 86 me out of every gay
bar in the world and I pay it no mind because I got my friends.

I do, and I do know who my friends are. My friends are people who
love their gay sisters and brothers including the queens. My
friends are people who got change to spare. And my friends are people
who smile at me and understand when I say Can you spare any
change for a dying queen, Dar—ling?

So they next time you’re in one
of them bars what has that sign, “no drunks, no dogs, no drags” the
next time you see them turning out one of my gay brothers or sisters Honey,
you just dig real deep down into your pocket and take some of that
change you’re saving for your cold beers and your hot dogs and get
over yourself andspare some change for a dying queen………dar—ling.

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Prince Harry visits USA

They Eat Off Of You, You're A Vegetable

Lil' LeRoy Glaser

went out and made 2 sharps even tho my back is killing me (I am the new Frida Khalo) Sharps raise the pitch of the note by one half step. Dear God, Please raise the pitch of my healing process by one half step, twice. Thank You.

More Mary Baker Eddy because it hurts.