Monday, December 06, 2010

Unabomber's old property for sale

Ted Kaczynski
David Kaczynski
The Unabomber's old property in Lincoln, Montana is for sale for a bargain basement price of $69,500. The 1.4 acre property was originally priced at $154,500 and is close to two wilderness areas and rivers for fishing and hunting. The realtor isn't shying away from the dark history of the land, which was owned by convicted bomber Ted Kaczynski. He sent at least 16 bombs beginning in 1978 until his capture in 1996. He was sentenced to four life terms in prison in 1998 for the bombs that killed three and injured more than a dozen. "Own a piece of US History!" the real estate advertisment brags. The cabin on the property isn't actually the one that the Unabomber sent his deadly packages from – that one is currently on display in Washington, D.C. Ted Kaczynski was captured after his brother David began to suspect he was responsible for the attacks when he read a 35,000-word manifesto from the bomber that was published in The Washington Post. He later collected the $1 million reward from the Justice Department for turning his brother in. - Daily News

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