Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thomas Rowe

Maritana - Maritana is a street singer in Madrid. The King of Spain is taken with her beauty, and his minister, Don José, agrees to help him with his affections. Don José intends to reveal the king's infidelity to further his own favour with the queen. Don Cæsar de Bazan is a down-on-his-luck nobleman who is arrested and sentenced to death for duelling during Holy Week. Earlier, Don Cæsar had aided a poor boy named Lazarillo. On the day of Don Cæsar's execution, a pardon arrives from the king. It is maliciously intercepted by Don José, however, who offers Don Cæsar a soldier's death if he agrees to marry a veiled girl before his execution; Don Cesar agrees. Don José brings the veiled Maritana to marry Don Cæsar before the execution with the intention of making her a nobleman's widow. During the wedding feast, Lazarillo removes the bullets from all the weapons. The execution is carried out, and de Bazan feigns death. Don José brings Maritana to see the Marquis and Marchioness de Montefiori. Maritana believes that she has married the king. Don José brings her to meet the king at their appointed time. Maritana is disappointed to find that he is not the dashing Don Cæsar that she had expected. Don Cæsar arrives at the villa and demands his bride. Don José brings the old Marchioness to see him. Since Don Cæsar has never seen his bride, he believes that this is she, and is so disappointed that he agrees to sign away his rights to her. Just as he is about to do this, he hears Maritana's voice and announces that she was the woman he married. He is promptly arrested. Don Cæsar comes before the king, announces that he is Don Cæsar de Bazan and learns of his original pardon. While the king steps away for a few moments, Maritana and Don Cæsar discover their mutual love. Don Cæsar, realising Don José's treachery, kills him. To show his gratitude, the king makes Don Cæsar the governor of Valencia. - Wikipedia

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