Friday, December 31, 2010

Royal Ring

It's hard to tell what's the bigger fake -- the $20 Princess Diana ring or the company hawking it. An outfit called "the British Historic Society" recently began urging Windsor nuts wanting to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton to snap up a replica of his mom's famous sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring. The $19.90 "Royal Heirloom" finger bling -- a "timeless collector's masterpiece" -- was touted this week in cheesy infomercials, replete with video of Buckingham Palace and members of the royal family, on NY1 and via The ads feature a pitchman with a hoity-toity British accent who says the faux sapphire ring is being offered by the distinguished-sounding society. But no such group exists -- except in US trademark papers filed by New Jersey-based marketer Telebrands Corp. The "As Seen on TV" conglomerate filed to trademark both the "British Historic Society" and "British Historical Society" on Nov. 23, a week after William and Middleton announced their engagement. - JEANE MacINTOSH and EMILY SMITH

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