Monday, December 13, 2010

Mark Madoff

Two years after turning in his father Bernie Madoff to authorities Mark Madoff hanged himself with a black dog leash.When he is laid to rest, after committing suicide in New York on Saturday, his father Bernard will still be in jail. According to the rules at the medium-security Butner Federal Correctional Institution, Bernard Madoff would not be allowed a supervised furlough to attend his son's funeral, because he has more than two years pending on his term. (Madoff is serving a 150-year sentence.) "Furloughs are a privilege, not a right, and are only granted when clearly in the public interest," the prison's Inmate Handbook says. One federal prison consultant explained that even though white-collar criminals are often granted emergency furloughs, Madoff's case stood apart. "I would question whether they'd grant him a furlough because of heightened publicity," the consultant said. "He could be a target. He could be shot." - Fox News

Bernie Madoff with his wife Ruth Madoff and son Mark in Nov. 2001 in Long Island, NY.

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