Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clay A. Duke

PANAMA CITY, Fla. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING. -- As the board was in the midst of a discussion on Tuesday, Clay A. Duke walked to the front of the room, spray painted a red "V" with a circle around it on the white wall, then turned and waved a handgun. He calmly ordered everyone to "hit the road" except the men on the board sitting behind a long beige desk. Duke shot twice at Bay City Schools Superintendent Bill Hasfelt from about 8 feet away and squeezed off several more rounds before security guard Mike Jones bolted in and, after exchanging gunfire with Duke, wounded him in the leg or side. Duke then fatally shot himself, police Sgt. Jeff Becker said. Somehow, no one else who remained in the small board room was injured in the clash that lasted several minutes, and Husfelt said at least two rounds lodged in the wall behind him. Husfelt spoke to the AP wearing a sweat shirt and pajama bottoms, surrounded by his family. With a Christmas tree as backdrop, he said his faith anchored him during the ordeal and that he thought, "I don't want to die today but I'm prepared if I do. "God was standing in front of me and I will go to my grave believing that," he said. - Associated Press

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