Sunday, December 05, 2010

Brahim Zaibat

Brahim Zaibat is a devout Muslim who – according to his mother, Patricia Vidal– prays to Allah a number of times a day and shuns alcohol and cigarettes. Those religious views contrast sharply with the hedonistic lifestyle personified by the Material Girl. Moreover, Madonna is a high-profile follower of Kabbalah, a variation of Judaism. Patricia Vidal – whose Algerian husband left her and their four children when Zaibat was still a young boy – explained: ‘This is certainly not the kind of thing Brahim was brought up to involve himself with. ‘Things didn’t work out between me and my husband, but Brahim was raised as a good Muslim. Brahim’s faith is hugely important to him, and has got him through some very difficult times.’ She continued: ‘I certainly wouldn’t say we’re overjoyed by Brahim’s relationship with a non-Muslim, and the fact that she’s Madonna doesn’t make things any easier. ‘The only other thing I’m prepared to say about all this is that I think it was Madonna who moved in on Brahim rather than the other way round. I think she’s very well known for this kind of thing.’ - Daily Male

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