Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kathleen Folden

The Montana woman who destroyed a Loveland Museum/Gallery display with a crowbar Oct. 6 pleaded guilty on Friday to misdemeanor criminal mischief. The agreement between Kathleen Folden’s lawyers and prosecutors provides for an 18-month period of unsupervised probation, mandatory mental health counseling, 44 hours of community service and restitution to be decided at a January hearing. Folden drove from her home in Kalispell, Montana, to Loveland, Colorado, bought the crowbar and used it to smash a display case containing a piece of art that had been the center of controversy for the prior week. The work by California artist Enrique Chagoya was thought by some to depict Jesus receiving oral sex as a woman. - Tom Hacker Loveland Reporter-Herald ARTINFO

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