Friday, October 08, 2010

World’s Most Expensive Wallpaper to Be Made by Mark Evans

We all like to add that personal touch while buying furniture for our new home or while buying decors, which will spruce up the entire look of the house, but how far would we go in this itch? We certainly will not splurge $2.84 million on wallpaper! A Russian billionaire couldn’t control his urge to splurge and ended up shelling out $2.84 million in creating what he calls the world’s most expensive wallpaper. Mark Evans, who is known for his world famous leather etchings, is at the helm of creating this humongous wallpaper. This wall paper will stretch across two rooms, though the theme has not been decided yet, but the artist plans to impart a regal look it to. The huge wallpaper comes with a huge cost, the artist Mark Evans, will charge $23 700 per square meter and the total estimate is $2.84 million. The billionaire has proved a point here that he considers the art-work beyond price. This creation by the artist will grace the billionaire’s mansion in Moscow. - Elite Choice

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