Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jeff Hannon

Carl Paladino's openly gay nephew -- whom the candidate points to as proof he's no homophobe -- said yesterday he was "very offended" by his uncle's anti-gay rants. Jeff Hannon, 23, a staffer for the Paladino campaign, also hasn't shown up at work since the bomb-throwing GOP gubernatorial hopeful made his caustic comments about homosexuality, one of Hannon's co-workers told The Post.
In a brief phone interview yesterday, Hannon, in his first public remarks on the incident, told The Post, "Obviously, I'm very offended by his comments." Hannon said he had no further comments "right now," before hanging up. The hunky, 6-foot-2 staffer hasn't been seen at campaign headquarters in Buffalo since Sunday, one worker said. "Everybody was talking about it today. They are worried about him," said the worker. "They think he's upset." NY Post Exclusive

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