Friday, September 03, 2010

Funeral Parade of Roses aka Bara no Sōretsu, 薔薇の葬列

Directed by Toshio Matsumoto, 松本俊夫 1969

A beautiful, sleazy and fabulous myth of transvestites in 1960's Tokyo duking it out over who should be the head mistress at their bar, junking it out with local experimental filmmakers and sexing it out with lovers. The story is loose and revolves around the life of Eddie, transvestite host extraordinaire at local gay bar Genet, his affair with Genet's owner (Gonda), his hipster experimental filmmaker friends and his rivalry with Leda the transvestite-in-charge at Genet and Gonda's "official" love interest. Oedipal themes linger in the background all the time and erupt in the fantastic climax. - Kurutta

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