Friday, April 16, 2010

In the Future, Everyone Will Be a Piñata for 15 MinutesThis 20-foot-tall piñata representation of the head of Andy Warhol, designed by the food artist Jennifer Rubell, will make its debut at a gala for the Brooklyn Museum on April 22. In answer to your next questions: Yes, you will be allowed to hit it with bats, and yes, it is filled with desserts. (In a telephone interview, Ms. Rubell said it will contain “the vernacular of American treats, which will remain nameless for the moment.”) If you have complicated feelings about Warhol, his impact on the art world or his pairing of the Velvet Underground with Nico, this could be your opportunity to release them in an appropriate forum. Ms. Rubell said the Warhol piñata will be the culmination to the gala, which will feature other food-themed exhibitions paying tribute to contemporary artists, including Marcel Duchamp, Bruce Nauman and Paul McCarthy. There will also be some sort of Jackson Pollock-inspired installation that dispenses drinks. -DAVE ITZKOFF, NY Times ART BEAT

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