Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah Douglas - Yes.Let’s talk about the title of the show, “Only God Knows I’m Good,” a phrase that is also spelled out in one of the neon pieces here. It sounds a little defensive. Or is it about feeling guilty?

Tracey Emin - No, it’s about, I’m nearly 50, and I’m so fucking pissed about people judging me. How dare they? They don’t know me, they don’t know what my soul is like, they don’t know my level of integrity, my level of honesty. Judge my work, that’s fine. It’s here, it’s on the wall. But don’t judge my soul. So even though it sounds a little tongue-in-cheek, it isn’t. And in terms of God — not religion, but in terms of God — I have a vast amount of faith, and belief.

Tracey Emin's opening at White Cube in London was a major event in the British art world and generated a great deal of press. The Evening Standard’s review raved about the animation piece in particular and declared that “no museum exhibition about feminist art, art about the body or sexual identity in art will be complete without this work.”She has made hundreds of nude self-portraits, including “I’ve Got It All,” a photograph in which her loins are obscured only by piles of money, which she is either giving birth to or forcing inside her vagina. -ERIC KONIGSBERG, NY Times

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