Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Coca-Cola is initiating a new recycling program in the UK as a way to help deal with the company’s carbon footprint and at the same time do some public good. -PFSKWhat is unique about Coca Cola’s recycling program is that it’s geared towards serving a municipality. The Coca Cola branded bins are a repository for all bottles and cans– even those from competitors. All cynicism aside for the multi-national corporation, Coca Cola’s effort in Southampton, UK is a great example of corporate stewardship that creates a winning situation for both the company and the community at large. Supporting a municipal recycling program for all bottles and cans provides a needed environmental service to a community and helps to offset the expense government and taxpayers. In return Coca Cola gets some nice advertising (the bins are branded) and some much needed positive PR. -Triple Pundit

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