Thursday, September 03, 2009

Politically sensitive art to be exhibited at sea. Ex-Territory shows works by Arab and Israeli artists in neutral waters outside Tel AvivSharon Zargari, Dear Hunter, 2003-08, showing on the Ex-Territory boat.

A two-year initiative called Ex-Territory is being launched on 7 September in the extra-territorial waters outside of Tel Aviv. Using a privately donated vessel, organisers are screening a selection of Arab and Israeli videos projected onto its sails in politically neutral waters that are free from border disputes and territorial conflict.According to Maayan Amir, one of four Israeli founders of the Ex-Territory group, “Arab artists will not exhibit art in Israel because of the political situation. We are trying to find a solution to this problem by meeting in extra-territorial waters, and offering a non-historical space for dialogue.” The group plans to travel throughout the Mediterranean to provide artists, filmmakers and writers with an independent floating platform for cultural exchange. - Charmaine Picard, The Art Newspaper

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