Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brenda Vacaro“On the evening of the event, Murgida stood behind a long wooden table, a metal loop protruding from his mouth, around his jaw, and onto a rope strung through pulleys across the ceiling and attached, at the other end, to two wooden boxes (designed to look like refrigerators) filled with snacks and drinks. When viewers/participants opened the doors to the boxes to retrieve a treat, the rope tugged at the device, twisting Murgida’s mouth into a painful and unnatural smile. Through his eerie expression, the artist calmly explained the roots of the word herd and its relationship to consumption, the psyche, and predicting the future—a seemingly unrelated train of thought that unfolded sensibly in clear elocution—to gallery guests.” (source: Annie Buckley reviewing Lucas Murgida @ Carlie James Gallery, -Art Baloney

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