Sunday, July 05, 2009

When the Ayatollah Khomeini died, they carried his body through the streets and they crowd was so wild, that they dumped his body in the street. Let's all look at the dead guy. Let's speculate about his life, desecrate him. He can't defend himself. I'm tired of the media, which spent years making fun of him, suddenly acting as if losing him is the greatest loss we've ever had to bear. And I'm so tired of the false sanctimony of those who will tell me that they are genuinely grieving. I'm sorry for your grief. But if you really loved him, let him rest in peace. Don't you think he's earned it???? But this "Michael Jackson corpse extravaganza" is not the way you lay to rest someone who lived a life perpetually in the spotlight. Even in death, there is no privacy for Michael Jackson. He was cursed from the day he was born. And now, even in death, he's cursed by those who want to make a buck off his putrifying corpse. -Loraine Berry, fingerlakeswanderer

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