Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bill Clinton sails on the senator’s yacht, Mya, with Ted Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Jr., and Patrick Kennedy.

Michael Jackson's HelpKai Chase, 37, who has cooked for other celebrities and comes from a show-business family, was hired by Jackson in March, let go in May, then returned on June 2. She said the pop star's focus was on fresh, healthy food for him and the children. She said she prepared meals for the family and occasionally for Dr. Murray. She said Jackson was in training for his upcoming shows in London and told her: "You have to take care of me." Like Dr. Murray, Chase said she was hired to accompany Jackson to London for his comeback concerts and the request was personally made to her by his 12-year-old son, Prince Michael II. "Prince said, 'Daddy wants me to tell you he wants you to go to London with us,'" she recalled. "I said, 'Tell your daddy that I'm pleased and honored." She said she had already filled out paperwork and submitted a copy of her passport to the Jackson staff and expected to leave for London on July 3. On June 23, she said Jackson told her: "I'm packed and I'm ready to go." Two days later, he was dead. It was the end of her dream job and an idyllic time in Chase's life, a time that had begun in March with a call from Jackson's assistant, Michael Williams. She was told that "a client" wanted her services as personal chef but she was not told the client was Jackson until she was hired. "I couldn't believe it," she said. "I asked him if I was on 'Candid Camera.' I said, 'Am I being punked?'" She said Jackson had seen her resume which included jobs cooking for Macy Gray and Jamie Foxx as well as catering a fund raiser for President Barack Obama. She said he also knew she was from a multiracial background and her godfather was Redd Foxx. -Verizon Nooze

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