Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PLEASE TRY TO FORGIVE BERNARD MADOFFMr. Madoff apologized for the harm he inflicted on the clients who had trusted him, his employees and his family. He blamed his pride, which would not allow him to admit his failures as a money manager. “I am responsible for a great deal of suffering and pain. I understand that,” he said, leaning slightly forward over the polished table, his charcoal suit sagging on his diminished frame. “I live in a tormented state now, knowing of all the pain and suffering that I have created.” At the end of his personal statement, Mr. Madoff abruptly turned to face the courtroom crowd. He was no longer the carefully tailored and coiffed financier. His hair was ragged. His eyes were sunken into deep gray shadows. His voice was a little raspy, and he stopped on occasion to sip water. “I am sorry,” he said. - NY Times

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