Sunday, February 08, 2009

Francesco VezzoliThe presence of the famous, the gorgeous or the gifted can be a fairly stultifying experience unless you happen to belong to one of these categories yourself, or the Gods of social anarchy wish to grace you with new material for your repertoire of anecdotes. It’s understandable that most mortals are content to negotiate stars from a safe distance, preferring to encounter them in magazines, encased on wide-screen TV or compromised in the tabloids. Francesco Vezzoli, however, doesn’t seem in the least daunted by the allure of those he admires. Vezzoli likes indulging his fascination with figures cast in the limelight and his penchant for glamour, nostalgia and intelligent tragi-comic clashes of high and low brow, from Jean Cocteau to Dynasty. A detailed description of Vezzoli’s work involves an exhausting amount of name-dropping. References to starlets, former models and an assortment of, in one way or another, off-beat, often queer cultural greats appear in his work, evoking either fond recollections or generating, in a snooty but generous fashion, a rewarding reading and viewing list. -Dominic Eichler

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