Monday, June 30, 2008

Carl Van Vechten

Michael Arlen

The Dancing Marquess of Anglesey

Judy Berman - - At a symposium held last Wednesday at England's University of East Anglia, scholars discussed what they called "train wreck" celebrities. Papers included "Hooker, Victim and/or Doormat: Lindsay Lohan and the Culture of Celebrity Notoriety," "Just Too Much? Heather Mills and Celebrity Transgression" and, my jargon-laden favorite, "Britney's Tears: The Abject Female Celebrity in Postemotional Society."
If eye Talk
eye die

To speak is to have too much consideration for others. Both fish and Oscar Wilde die because they can't keep their mouths shut.

Fernando Pessoa - The book of Disquiet

Dody Goodman

Kim Novak

Everything is summed up in trying to feel the tedium in such a way that it doesnt hurt. - Fernando Pessoa

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lucky LeRoy at Paid Sick Days Opening
Photo by Noir LeBlanc
Joan Quigley

Lew Wasserman

Saturday, June 28, 2008


The Crusaders

Three Degrees






Dee D Jackson

Amii Stewart

Isosceles Process

Fictional Violence Again

Doors of Perception

Super Flat Fossil Fuel

Sacred Geometry Fossil Fuel

Fibinocci Fossil Fuel

Dr Drew

Merv Griffin and Lavena Johnson

Sacred Geometry Head Scarf

Relational Aesthetics - Nature et moi

Pittsburgh Florist - Compleated Back Story

Pittsburgh Florist - Neo-Geo Sheet

Pittsburgh Florist - Lessness Sheet
Kymintie 38
00560 Helsinki

RIITTA PÄIVÄLÄINEN creates fascinating installations with the main theme and primary driving force of her work being her interest in old clothing. In her photographs, she uses discarded clothes from second-hand shops and flea markets. I love the interest in old garments, because they carry silent, unknown stories and histories. The clothes remain silent withholding their secrets. Little by little, personal histories are absorbed into the collective history. A piece of clothing represents, above all, its former wearer. It tells you that somebody has been present. However, the person who wore it is now gone. The faded colours and tears in the fabric show the signs of the time passed. By freezing the garment or letting the wind fill it with air, she is able to create a sculptural space, which reminds us of its former user. -

Loni Anderson