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Beauty Contest! Richard Johnson PAGE SIX - February 29, 2008 -- MOVE over, David Beckham - Tom Brady may soon strip to his skivvies. Calvin Klein Inc. is in talks to turn the hunky Patriots quarterback into an underwear model. LA private eye Paul Barresi says the company is "confident that Brady will blow the competition out of the water." While Beckham has sparked a huge rise in Armani underwear sales, Djimon Hounsou, who was nominated twice for an Oscar, is the current Calvin underwear hunk. A Klein mouthpiece sniffed, "We don't comment on rumor."

Last Portrait of Heah Ledger
The last portrait of Heath Ledger which the actor sat for less than two months before his death, aged only 28, has been entered into the 2008 Archibald Prize, Australia’s top award for portraiture.

Speaking to The Art Newspaper, Melbourne artist Vincent Fantauzzo (shown above in front of his painting) says he intends to give the triple portrait to the actor’s family: “His parents, family and friends really want the painting. It seems only right as we did the sitting at his mum’s house in Perth and she was very much a part of the process, making us tea and crumpets and watching from the sideline.”

Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment on 22 January from what the coroner has ruled as an accidental overdose of prescription pills. Fantauzzo says Ledger “was one of the most charismatic people I’ve worked with. Before the actual sitting we sat around for hours and talked about art. He was witty, sarcastic, and a lot of fun, but once we started he was all concentration—in the zone. I left feeling truly inspired.”

The finalists and the winner of the A$50,000 ($45,645) Archibald prize will be announced on 7 March and the shortlisted portraits go on display the next day at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney (until 18 May)

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Oscar Nite - THE ROCK

David Sheff and his 25-year-old son, Nic, are so close these days, so much on the same wavelength, that they sometimes finish each other’s sentences. There was a time when they weren’t even speaking.
Published: February 26, 2008

'Beautiful Boy,' by David Sheff: When Addicted Son Hurts, Father Feels His Own Pain (February 21, 2008)

An Excerpt From 'Beautiful Boy' (

An Excerpt From 'Tweak' (

Both Sheffs have books just out — each, coincidentally, beginning with an epigram from John Lennon — and over breakfast in New York recently they described in almost exactly the same terms the experience of reading the other’s work.

“It was very, very painful,” Nic Sheff said.

“It was excruciating,” his father said.

Nic’s book, “Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines,” is a first-person account of his drug addiction, which began while he was still in high school (where he learned to shoot up from studying a diagram on the Internet) and lasted for more than a decade. For much of that time he was living on the street, prostituting himself, selling drugs occasionally (though he was never very good at it) and eating food salvaged from Dumpsters; he would turn up in his parents’ lives occasionally, sometimes to steal from them. (David Sheff and Nic’s mother divorced when Nic was 4; she moved to Los Angeles, and Nic grew up with his father in Northern California.)

David’s book, “Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction,” which goes on sale on Tuesday and has been selected by Starbucks as its next featured book, is the same story seen through the father’s eyes. He describes how a seemingly gilded youth (Nic was an honor student and co-captain of the high school water polo team) went almost overnight from casual marijuana use — just a phase, one of his teachers said — to full-blown addiction.


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Kota Ezawa

Claus Von Bulow

David Shrigley - After You're Dead


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New Trove Opened in Kennedy Killing
Published: February 19, 2008
DALLAS — The Kennedy assassination — a defining moment in American history and a never-ending topic of debate among conspiracy theorists — re-entered the spotlight for a moment Monday, after the Dallas district attorney unveiled the contents of a safe that had been secret for more than 40 years.

Image - Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press
Items in Jack Ruby's possession when he was arrested.
Inside were clothing worn by Lee Harvey Oswald; a small, tooled leather holster belonging to his killer, Jack Ruby; and piles of typed, old crackling documents. But nothing that was likely to settle the longstanding dispute over President John F. Kennedy’s death.

Perhaps the most intriguing item was what purports to be a transcript of a conversation Ruby had with Oswald at Ruby’s Dallas nightclub, the Carousel, in which they plot to kill Kennedy to satisfy organized crime bosses.

But the not-terribly-lifelike dialogue reads like a movie script — and may well have been. For example, Ruby responds to Oswald’s suggestion that they kill the president by saying, “But that wouldn’t be patriotic.”

The trove of material connected to the assassination was collected by the former district attorney, Henry M. Wade, who prosecuted Ruby and continued in office until 1987. Mr. Wade died in 2001.

One of the surprises in the collection was a contract for a movie deal about the killing, signed by Mr. Wade, said Craig Watkins, who became district attorney last year. Mr. Watkins said he did not know if the transcript was meant to be part of the film or why the film was never made.

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Davis Uhl and Larry Geller - Elvis Presley's hairdresser and spiritual advisor

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Judy Garland and Joey Luft

Joey Luft

Howard Finster

Blue Magic

Firpo Carr

Firpo Carr

Joseph-Marie Vien's - Selling of Cupids

Captain James R Rorimer a future director of the Metropolitian Museum, leading a recovery team in Germany, around 1945.

Illinoise University in DeKalb Shooting

Michael Govan

Brian Wilson

Cindy Adams - New York Post - February 15, 2008 -- THOMAS Riccio I spent a day with when he hustled Anna Nicole's di aries. Thomas Riccio, celebrity mem orabilia-ist, has turned scurvy deals in his time. Thomas Riccio is a felon who's in the news for being OJ's wingman in that gun-heavy Vegas heist. Thomas Riccio will be the centerpiece in OJ's April trial. I've written steadily about Thomas Riccio of late. So this week, when a caller from the West Coast said, "It's Thomas Riccio," I tightened. Thomas Riccio didn't like roughing up. Didn't like the stuff I'd written.
"I got a beef," said the voice on the phone.
"But, Tom, you have a record. I only wrote the truth."
"Naaahhh, that doesn't bother me. The problem is you spell my name wrong. It's not 'Riggio.' It's R-I-C-C-I-O. Since that OJ bust, I'm all over the headlines. Everybody spells my name right but you. It's R-I-C-C-I-O."
Doing the quickest thing I could think of, I blamed my editor. "Maybe she changed it, Tom. She probably thought I was wrong. Must be her stupid fault."
"Yeah, well, have your paper get its act straight. It's R-I-C-C-I-O, not 'Riggio.' Friends in Jersey read you every day and say every time you mention me you spell my name wrong. That upsets them."
"So you're not bitching about how I handled you?"
"Naaaahh. I don't care. Publicity is publicity. Just spell the name right. R-I-C-C-I-O. It's got my friends upset."
RICCIO's exposed the world of collectibles in "Busted," a Phoenix Book dealing with stolen goods, prison, escape, parole, the shady life. "The original title was 'Why I Did It,' but the publisher Michael Viner changed it because it could sound too much like that OJ thing, 'If I Did It.' The cover has two mug shots - mine and OJ's.
"Comes out April, but Vegas police want to subpoena it now before the defense sees it. I write A-to-Z things the cops know nothing about. Hey, I remember the day before OJ's arrest he called and said, 'Don't worry. Nobody's going to care about this story a week from now. This will all blow over . . . all be forgotten. . . . I got it all handled.'

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Bad Barbie - The Sequel!

Mad TV - Martha Stewart in Jail

OJ Simpson - Archive Fever

Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


Harvey Milk's Last Words

Elton John - I Feel Lie A Bullet In The Gun Of Robert Ford

Dan White Crushes a Can

Robert Ford - Killer of Jesse James

Dan White - Killer of Harvey Milk

Phil Spector - Killer of Lana Clarkson
Part 1

Phil Spector - Killer of Lana Clarkson
Part 2

Smoke on the Water

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Dorthy Draper

Nick Walker Moona Lisa

Britney's Pink Wig