Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dear Madam Foo Coe

This is the space where my Jenna Bush's Wedding/Taylor Meades Ass video WAS. it was censored by the You Tube Community Police. so I'll discribe it and see waht happens. I hope they dont sensor my free speach. ledder to the edditer. I made a send up of Andy Warhol's "Taylor Meades Ass" Movie that i seen at The Andy Warhol Museum in John Waters picks from Warhol's collection. wasnt it called Andy Warhol's Porn or something. so like its a pischer of Taylor Meades Ass and he playz like he's pulling flim stills of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe out his fudge packing poop shoot. so like I wanted to miss this Cockettes Trisha Nixion Wedding movie Taylor Meades Ass and Jenne Bush's Wedding. (a secret ugly affair) that they seemed ashamed of. The America's First Daughter got friggen American Dream MARRIED. how romantic and Roy Disney Kiddy Porn Sexy. I bit Henry Hardon has a big white dick. alls they had was these creepy pictures that make them look Middle Class. Americas Royal Dicky Tater Bush is ashamed of his daughter or what? so like I pu;lled these middle class pictures of Jenna Bush's wedding outa my fudge packing poop shoot. Tra La La but you cant see it unless you buy it from me on DVD. so what. so like what i was thinkin mizz lincoln while I was jogging thos morning waz President Obama should mix the American Porn industery with the American Defense system Corporation. so they could make rough trade abu Garrib porno movies before they kill the 18 year old boys and girls. so the old farts in washington like Elliot Spitzer ca watch the kids having sex befor thedy die for our Corporate Freedom.


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